Hyper Marketing

pre-sale, sale, becoming a trend

Content Generating Engine

Being able to generate a variety of diverse content helps brands build personalized relationships with every person.

Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, VKontakte allows conducting of marketing companies to any scale.

Mobile Video – New Cinema

According to Mark Zuckerberg, mobile video is the new cinema. CloudPort capitalizes on this trend by making it available for marketing purposes to brands of any size.
Service and product promotions on CloudPort are not considered to be advertising. All content is either produced or shared by and between people.

The “Play” button is the most powerful call-to-action on the Internet. Therefore, by placing a brand’s logo on it people get accustomed to choosing a certain brand over another.

In addition to targeting by age, location, size of the network, brands can also target people by interests, as people know better what is of interest to their friends at each specific moment in time

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