For the first time the market works for you

Small business

– Your digital marketing can now be done by any student or freelancer

– Your marketing campaign can be localized

– Your complete digital marketing can be managed on your cell phone

Mid-size business

– You can afford to distribute an unlimited number of video content attributed by people to your brand instead of paying for a small number of video-advertising content

– You receive a media stream from people allowing for in-depth marketing research

– You can reach new people and open new markets

Big business

– For the first time brands can consolidate market segments

– The only way to get unlimited and diverse content from people from different countries, with different cultures, religions, traditions.

– An ideal way to associate the brands image with the image of their friend

Doing business on CloudPort


– a way to introduce your brand to people


– a media stream created by brands


–a media stream created by people

inStream features

video content distribution between friends across social media

affixing brands logo on “play” button during the distribution

copy and processing of distributed video content for analytics, statistics and Brand Lift purposes.

ability to build and manage brands image utilizing people’s content

outStream features

ability to distribute content in various formats

study markets reaction on new and existing products and services

opportunity to entice people to endorse brand content

enable video resume solicitation process

outStream features

Negative content management

Localization of negative content

CloudPort – a unique tool for localizing negative content with the possibility of studying the causes of its occurrence

Neutralization of negative content

CloudPort allows brands to neutralize negative content on the Internet with the help of the service called “brand insurance”

Do you need “turnkey” marketing?

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